CTTC urges government to champion emission reductions with fare cuts, VAT relief and enhanced public transport infrastructure Budget 2025

The leading bus and coach representative body, the Coach Tourism and Transport Council of Ireland (CTTC) has submitted a comprehensive pre-Budget 2025 proposal to the Department of Finance, highlighting critical measures to support the sector in reducing national carbon emissions and enhancing public transport infrastructure.

The CTTC’s submission was meticulously compiled from extensive feedback received from its members nationwide, underscoring the collective voice of Ireland’s private bus and coach operators. This proposal is aimed at fostering collaboration between the government and the sector to address the urgent need to drive down emissions amid ongoing challenges.

The CTTC has identified several key enablers essential for driving down Ireland’s emissions, including:

  • Aligning public and commercial services with a 20% reduction in passenger fares in order to make public transport more accessible and appealing.
  • Extension of the VAT71 relief to facilitate the decarbonisation of the national fleet, encouraging the adoption of low-emission and electric vehicles.
  • Enhanced transport infrastructure to support seamless journeys, positioning public transport as the preferred choice over private cars. In 2023, private cars were responsible for 49% of carbon emissions, while buses accounted for just 8%.

The CTTC underlines the crucial role of the coach and bus industry in achieving Ireland’s emission targets, as recently emphasised by the Climate Change Advisory Council in its Annual Review on Transport. With buses contributing significantly less to carbon emissions compared to private cars, the industry is an important asset in the government’s overarching environmental goals. Reallocating road space and providing better access for more sustainable modes of transport is vital if the country is to meet its climate targets.

William Martin, Chair of the CTTC, stated, “Budget 2025 presents a pivotal opportunity for Ireland to put flesh on the bones of commitment to reducing carbon emissions. With even more ambitious transport reduction targets coming from Europe, the commercial bus and coach sector is ready to play a leading role in this transition. By implementing the proposed measures in our Budget submission, we can enhance the efficiency and sustainability of our national transport network, ultimately benefiting the environment and the economy. We urge the government to recognise and support the essential contributions of our industry in this crucial endeavour.”
“The CTTC stands ready and willing to engage with all stakeholders to ensure these objectives are met, so together, we can drive forward towards a greener, more connected Ireland.”


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