Scheduled Services Committee

The Scheduled Services Committee within the Coach Tourism and Transport Council plays a crucial role in overseeing and advancing policies related to scheduled coach services. This committee focuses on coordinating and improving the efficiency of coach transportation on predetermined routes and schedules. Members of this committee are likely to engage in discussions about route optimization, adherence to timetables, and the integration of new technologies to enhance the overall quality of scheduled coach services. Additionally, the committee regularly collaborates with relevant stakeholders to address regulatory challenges and advocate for policies that facilitate the smooth operation of scheduled coach services across Ireland.

Coach Tourism Committee

The Coach Tourism Committee concentrates on policies and initiatives that support the broader tourism industry through coach transportation. This committee is likely to discuss strategies to promote coach tourism as a safe and sustainable means to expore the country, collaborating with tourism stakeholders including ITIC, Fáilte Ireland, Tourism Ireland, the Oireachtas and the Department of Toursim. Members also work on addressing challenges specific to coach tourism, including infrastructure support, regulatory hurdles, and the enhancement of the overall travel experience for tourists utilising coach services. The committee plays a pivotal role in shaping policies that contribute to the growth and sustainability of coach tourism within the broader travel and tourism sector across Ireland.

School Transport & Private Hire Committee

The School Transport and Private Hire Committee is responsible for shaping policies that pertain to the safe and efficient transportation of students and private hire passengers via coach services. This committee addresses unique considerations related to school transportation, such as safety protocols and general issues faced by school transport operators including the tendering process. This committee engages regularly with the Department of Education. Moreover, it focuses on developing policies that ensure the highest standards of service and safety in private hire coach transportation. This involves discussions on licensing requirements as well as parking at major events.

Events Committee

The Events Committee within the Coach Tourism and Transport Council is tasked with overseeing and organising various events that are integral to the coach and bus industry, with a notable focus on the Bi-annual Coach & Bus Show. This committee plays a crucial role in coordinating industry gatherings, conferences, and exhibitions that bring together key stakeholders, businesses, and professionals within the coach and bus sector. Specifically, the committee is responsible for planning, promoting, and executing the Bi-annual Coach & Bus Show, a major event that serves as a platform for industry leaders to showcase innovations, exchange ideas, and foster networking opportunities. The committee’s responsibilities encompass logistical coordination, programme development, exhibitor management, and ensuring that the event aligns with the goals and interests of the Coach Tourism and Transport Council and its members. Through their efforts, the Events Committee contributes to the growth, visibility, and collaborative spirit central to the values of the CTTC and our members.